Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Book Club Gals Go Hiking

Hawksbill Mountain - 9/12/09 - 1.4 Miles

Members of my book club asked me if I would quit talking and take them on a hike. I chose Hawksbill in the Linville Gorge Wilderness, which is a short but challenging hike with million-dollar views. (I first hiked here on Day 6 of Jim's Blue Ridge Parkway adventure trip.) Four of us had a gorgeous Saturday for the two-hour drive up, laughing and chatting and solving life's problems. Suzi, Cindy and Leida were not hikers when we started, but they sure were by the end! The trail is short but the elevation gain is significant (700 feet in .7 miles). Fortunately they were too breathless to curse me before they saw the view, and then all was forgiven. Let's tell the rest of the story in pictures (click on photos to see full screen):
First step for Cindy - sneakers instead of sandals

Ready to conquer the mountain!

Still smiling on the uphill

Suzi with Table Rock in the background

Leida and Cindy have the giggles. I believe Cindy is trying to push Leida off the mountain.

Now climbing is fun!

A perfect photo for the scrapbook - or the Facebook page!

A promise of the fall season ahead

Funny, in the photos the skies look threatening but I don't remember noticing. We ate lunch, enjoyed the cool breezes and the views of Linville Gorge and Grandfather Mountain, and the walk back down was very quick, as was the drive home - more laughing, more talking, maybe some sore muscles, but an enormous feeling of accomplishment all around.

It can be scary to introduce something you love to friends: will they love it too? Will they get bored? Will they think it's a little odd? But sharing Hawksbill with the book club gals was one of my favorite hikes so far. I think from now on I'll call them more hiking friends!

There is no season such delight can bring as summer, autumn, winter and the spring. ~William Browne

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