Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Tennessee River Greenway

Little Tennessee River Greenway – Franklin, NC – 8/26/12 – 8 miles

Sunday morning Jim and I parted ways, him to do a 30-mile bike ride on the mountain roads around Franklin and me to walk on the Little Tennessee River Greenway.  Danny’s second book, Hiking North Carolina's Blue Ridge Heritage, is an excellent guide for this greenway walk.  I had forgotten to bring my sneakers so was stuck with my heavy hiking boots, not ideal for walking on flat asphalt, but here I go.

The Little Tennessee River was the color of peanut butter, muddy from the recent rains, slow moving and not very inspiring.  I quickly realized that the reason to walk on this greenway is the flowers.  Both sides of the path were bursting with late summer blooms.  Occasionally there were display signs teaching about native and non-native plants.    Some flowers I could identify, some are still a mystery.

One of several bridges crossing the Little Tennessee River



Virgin’s bower

Tall ironweed

Erect goldenrod

Queen Anne’s lace (non-native)

Evening primrose


Same as above, just love the photo


More coreopsis

Wild goldenglow

Intertwined with pokeweed but I could not determine whether it was part of the vine

Jewel weed

Cardinal flower


Great mullein - this one was taller than me

Horse nettle

Swamp thistle #1

Swamp thistle #2

Swamp thistle #3

Swamp thistle #4

Trailside floral arrangement

What a delightful morning walk!  I started out for some quick exercise and killing time waiting for Jim, and ended up taking dozens of photos with my little point-and-shoot Canon while enjoying the morning sunshine.  Being outdoors is always wonderful.

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Linda W. said...

What a great place for a walk! Love all the flowers.