Saturday, April 16, 2011

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

MST – Day 44 – 12/7/10 - Mountain Park Community Church to Dobson Library- 10.75 miles

A very cold start again today, felt colder than yesterday. I didn’t note the beginning temp but we finished at 28 degrees. Today’s road walk was even more open and definitely more breezy, thus the chill that would not go away. I have hiked comfortably with less clothing in these temps before, but with little elevation gain we could not work hard enough to get toasty. Again, there were few places to take trail breaks except behind the occasional old barn.

The highlight of the day was a golden retriever that picked us up and followed us for about an hour. She was very friendly, allowing me to pet her profusely. (Our last dog pick-up, Heidi, would not let us touch her.) This frisky gal crossed the road indiscriminately and a couple of times approaching cars had to brake for her. I was worried about how she would get back home. We passed a man who had driven his truck down to his mailbox to get his mail (!) and I asked him if he knew the dog and could take her home. He smiled, shrugged and declined, indicating that out here in the country we just let dogs find their own way. Eventually we passed a house with an older dog...and the golden retriever decided to stay and play.

Every bathroom should have this view

The mountains are always with us
Always love the mailboxes

Halfway along our route we stopped at a convenience store/Dairy Queen, but the DQ wasn’t open yet…did we really want ice cream anyway? We sat at a table, removed layers and had our only leisurely snack of this trip, but we knew we had to keep moving because it wasn’t gettin’ no warmer outside.

On a treeless, high elevation stretch of Twin Oaks Road we saw Pilot Mountain clearly to our left (east) and Hanging Rock and the Sauratown Mountains behind it. Then off to our right (west) and much farther away was the distinct outline of Grand- father Mountain. To the north was a big notch in the mountain range – Fancy Gap? AMAZING. Do the folks on Twin Oaks Road know their good fortune?

Ultimately we walked into the town of Dobson, with Pilot Mountain in clear view for the last mile. We stopped at the library and had our photo taken in the same spot we had been back in March 2010. A great sense of closure to be completing this gap!

My car’s heat stayed on full blast all the way back home.

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On a clear day
Rise and look around you
On a clear day
How it will astound you...
You will follow every
Mountain, sea and shore
You will see from far and near
 A world you've never seen before
~ Alan Jay Lerner

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Danny Bernstein said...

HeY! You've caught up to the end of 2010. That's great!
It's much warmer now. Let's get on the trail.