Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Blue Ridge Parkway Time

Thursday, May 14 -

Today Jim and I are heading for Waynesboro, VA in preparation for Jim's epic Blue Ridge Parkway bike ride. Tomorrow morning he will begin at Mile 0 at Rockfish Gap, VA - his destination is the end of the Parkway in Cherokee, NC, 469 miles away. My job is to drop Jim off at his beginning point each morning and pick him up each afternoon and offer words of encouragement. In between those times, I will be doing short hikes originating from the Parkway. Choosing hikes is challenging as there are many, many interesting places, and because of time my hikes will be short, 5 to 8 miles. Weather is always a factor, especially for a cyclist, so we will stay flexible. If it's not safe for Jim to ride, then we'll go find a winery! At the end of the day we both hope to do a short blog recap, so check back with us.

In total we will be biking/hiking for 9 days, passing through places like Peaks of Otter, Floyd, Doughton Park, Blowing Rock, Little Switzerland, Pisgah National Forest, Waynesville. I can't wait to see what Tuggle Gap looks like!

For a preview, here's Jim getting ready to ride on the BRP near Waynesville in spring 2008. Yes, those are monkeys on his cycling jersey.

And here's my view on the Parkway
that same day. Jim had to ride up through the
clouds and then pop up into blue skies.

Cycling is like church. Many attend, but few understand.  ~Jim Burlant


Old Dan said...

Good luck Jim and Sharon, I'm looking forward to the progress updates. Is there a club for those that have biked the entire Blue Ridge Parkway?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon and Jim:
Sharon, I think you still have the Smokies on the brain. You're starting out in Waynesboro, VA, not
Waynesville. Waynesville is in NOrth Carolina.

Good luck, Jim!

smoky scout said...

Thanks for being my editor as well as my agent - I corrected the post to Waynesboro!

trishia said...

Hello! I'm a Girl Scout leader and outdoor lover in Nebraska. I am working this summer to develop a GS plan for our newest troop next year- an outdoor based troop with a focus on hiking in the local state parks for Juniors-Cadettes! Love the blog, I will be sharing with the girls. Thanks for taking the time to share all this, and good luck on your trip with your hubby!