Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun With Numbers

I've been getting questions on "how much" and "how far" and "how many" so I've compiled some fun statistics from my year of hiking:

Trips to the Park: 27
Total Days Hiking: 82
Nights In a Tent: 23
Nights In a Shelter: 4
Nights In a Hotel/Cabin: 34
Nights at a Friend's Home: 8
Nights In an Abandoned House: 1
Most Miles Hiked In One Day: 20
Most Elevation Gain In One Day: 4,200 feet down, 4,200 feet up (loop of Forney Creek/Jonas Creek/Welch Ridge/AT)
Times I Ran Out of Water: 2
Hikes In the Rain: 15 that I can remember
Hikes In the Snow: 6 that I remember
Sunny Days: All the rest
Coldest Temperature While Hiking: 20 degrees
Hottest Temperature While Hiking: Don't know
Stream Crossings: Next time I'll be sure to count them all
Hiking Partners: 36
Times I Thought I Was Lost: 1 (Wet Bottom Trail)
Number of Hikers Who Asked For Directions: At least two dozen
Number of Maps I Gave to Above: 4
Trail Most Repeated: Low Gap II - 4 times (ugh)
Number of Cameras: 3
Number of Photos: 2,970
Number of Cans of Beer Found on the Trail: 3
Number of Bears: 10 on the trail, 11 from the car
Number of Snakes: 0 (really!)
Number of Wild Boar: 3
Number of Coyotes: 1
Number of Foxes: 1
Number of Deer: dozens
Number of Elk: ditto
Number of Elk I Almost Hit While Driving at Night: 1
Number of Turkeys: over 100
Best Moment: First step of each hike
2nd Best Moment: Last step of each hike  

What else would you like to know?

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