Monday, November 3, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Go Backpacking

1 – shelter camaraderie – all those crazy people can’t be wrong
2 – taking off your boots at the end of the day
3 – no bathrooms to clean
4 – standing still in the woods and hearing absolutely nothing
5 – a guaranteed good night’s sleep
6 – backcountry TV (campfire) – when it’s legal, of course
7 – improvising new uses for a bandana
8 – peppermint schnapps
9 – lunch on a mountaintop with a 50-mile view
10 – ice cream at the first convenience store when you get off the trail

How many more can you think of?

1 comment:

boyandgirlscoutsdotcom said...

I like seeing something that even the people who live nearby probably will never see.

Just back from camping and one of the things I most love is that first night back in bed and the first use of indoor facilities. You really learn to appreciate a thick mattress and flush toilets.